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Oman Air SYZ Terminal – Shiraz International Airport

Oman Air operates out of Terminal 1 at Shiraz International Airport and provides a convenient travel experience. The modern amenities and dependability that are specifically designed to satisfy Oman Air travelers are showcased at SYZ by Terminal 1.

Apart from extending a cordial welcome to travelers, the Oman Air SYZ Terminal Terminal 1 provides a number of amenities. These are provided to ensure a straightforward and enjoyable experience for each and every traveler. We have discussed every aspect of Shiraz International Airport SYZ in this article

A Brief Overview of the SYZ Terminal for Oman Air

Everything you need to know about the Oman Air SYZ Terminal is included in the table below. When going on an Oman Air aircraft to or from SYZ, passengers are required to furnish the following information:

Airport NameShiraz International Airport (SYZ)
Airport AddressShiraz, 86، GHWRQF9, Iran
Oman Air Arrival TerminalTerminal 1
Oman Air Departure TerminalTerminal 1
Oman Air Ticket Counter Hours at SYZDaily 24/7
Phone Number98 71 3711 5000
Official Website

Oman Air SYZ Terminal Map

Navigate via Terminal 1, the location of Oman Air’s headquarters, and use the provided map to locate the airline’s specialized terminal at Shiraz International Airport.

What Terminal is Oman Air at SYZ?

Oman Air leaves from Terminal 1, Shiraz International Airport. This perfect, welcoming terminal was designed with Oman Air passengers’ needs in mind. To guarantee a trouble-free journey with Oman Air, you may obtain all the necessary information at Terminal 1.

Oman Air Arrivals Terminal at SYZ

After arriving at SYZ, passengers flying with Oman Air will arrive at Terminal 1. Along with easy options for ground transportation and get-to-things claims, this terminal at Shiraz International Airport manages all plane admissions for Oman Air.

Oman Air Departures Terminal at SYZ

Oman Air leaves from Shiraz International Airport at Terminal 1. The final destination for Oman Air takeoffs is this aircraft terminal at SYZ because it is fully furnished with all the conveniences required to ensure a dependable check-in and boarding procedure.

Oman Air Services at Shiraz International Airport Terminal 1

Everything you need to know about Oman Air at Shiraz International Airport (SYZ) is available here, including details on how travelers can access Terminal 1:

  • Check-in: Travelers using Oman Air can use the self-service kiosks at the airport or the Terminal 1 counter to check-in.
  • Ticket Counter: Oman Air ticket counter is Located at the Terminal 1 area of SYZ. Bookings, services, and flight alterations are made easier by it.
  • baggage Counter: Passengers can pick up and receive assistance with their bags at the Oman Air baggage counter located at Terminal 1 at Shiraz International Airport.
  • Ground Transportation: Taxis and rental cars are among the options available to Oman Air travelers arriving at Shiraz International Airport for ground transportation at Terminal 1.
  • Parking: Oman Air passengers have access to both short- and long-term parking at Shiraz International Airport near Terminal 1, depending on parking hours.
  • Shops: At Shiraz International Airport, Oman Air passengers can pass the time by browsing the duty-free, apparel, cosmetics, and other stores at Terminal 1.
  • Dining: Passengers can patronize eateries/restaurants (such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, etc.) at Terminal 1 of Shiraz International Airport.

Oman Air Services at Shiraz International Airport Terminal 1

Several amenities are offered by Oman Air at Shiraz International Airport, Terminal 1. These safety precautions guarantee a smooth journey for Oman Air customers. Below is a discussion of a handful of these:

  • ATMs: The ATMs are conveniently positioned at Terminal 1, following the entryways.
  • Currency exchange: Money dealing is situated in the Departure area of Terminal 1, following the check-in range, to assist with the financial needs of far-off tourists.
  • Charging Stations: These battery-operated charging stations are situated next to the holding-up ranges in the Terminal 1 sector of the entrances. Here, visitors can replenish their electronic gadgets.
  • Free Wi-Fi: Free wifi is always available to Terminal 1 and provides visitors with continuous internet access.
  • Baggage Carts: SmarteCarte gear carts make it easier and faster for travelers to swap out their bags. They are accessible all the way through Terminal 1.
  • Water Bottle Filling Station: To guarantee that flyers are properly hydrated, water bottle filling stations are placed intelligently throughout Terminal 1.
  • Airport Ambassadors: Unpaid volunteers are stationed at several areas during Terminal 1 to provide information about the airport, ground transportation, lodging, and flight path.
  • Resting Rooms: Shiraz International Airport provides Oman Air passengers with a variety of resting areas at Terminal 1.

In conclusion, Oman Air departs Shiraz International Airport at Terminal 1. It’s an easy flying experience, a functional and comfortable aircraft with lots of amenities, food options, and shopping centers. It stands for Kuwait Airlines’ unrelenting commitment to making sure every traveler departing from Shiraz International Airport enjoys a hassle-free, enjoyable travel experience.

If you’re flying with Oman Air from any other city or country, find your terminal with the help of our list of Oman Air Terminals worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which terminal does Oman Air use at Shiraz International Airport? 

Oman Air has an operational base at Shiraz International Airport (SYZ) located at Terminal 1.

What is the arrival terminal for Oman Air at Shiraz International Airport? 

Oman Air handles all arrivals at Terminal 1 of Shiraz International Airport, both domestic and foreign.

Which terminal does Oman Air depart from at SYZ? 

Oman Air departs from Terminal 1 at Shiraz International Airport.

Is parking available at the SYZ terminal for Oman Air? 

Yes, there is parking available in the Terminal 1 section of Shiraz International Airport for passengers flying with Oman Air.

Where is the Oman Air ticketing counter located at SYZ? 

The Oman Air ticket counter can be located at Shiraz International Airport (SYZ), in the Terminal 1 main lobby.

Where can I find the Oman Air baggage counter at Shiraz International Airport? 

Oman Air baggage counter is located at Terminal 1 in Shiraz International Airport.

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